#2 Be a Commentator

Commenting on actions or events for children is a great way to give children examples of how to use language in everyday routines and activities. Commenting involves an adult talking about what he or she is doing, seeing, or thinking about in the presence of the child. An adult may also describe what children are doing or seeing. This kind of talk provides children with examples of the kind of language that is used in everyday activities. Commenting on actions or events may also help children learn and understand which words go with which actions.

What Research Shows

  • The more words that adults speak to children, the better language skills children develop.8,9
  • The more that teachers model language for children, the more often children talk.12

Working with Infants and Toddlers

model language with children

  • Give detailed descriptions of what you or the child is seeing or doing.
  • Comment on daily routines like hand washing, eating, or diaper changing.
  • Model language for children by commenting on objects or events.
  • Talk while demonstrating the different ways an object may be used.